Sorry, Buddy

You know who it must kinda suck to be?
Peter Scolari, from Bosom Buddies.
I mean, yeah, sure he’s “an accomplished juggler” and “skilled in circus acts”, but that still means absolutely squat when you consider what his buddy’s up to these days.
When that show came out, I said of Scolari, “Hey, he’s a cute little guy. And funny.” But of Tom Hanks I thought, “He’s got ‘something’. He’s going to be a big star.”
Sorry, Peter. It now seems like Tom’s the one who’s juggling … big-time acting roles, that is … appointments with bigwigs, that is! And he, himself, is one of the biggest wigs in the business!
Pretty damned hilarious that he started his career wearing one.
Oh, the circle of life!
(Sorry, Peter. I’m sorry I mentioned Tom more than I did you. But you’re used to it by now, right?)