Star Struck

Star, I apologize for the wretched photo, but you just refused to give me a better view!

One of my best friends, the lovely and beautiful Mrs. Z, was in town today, and we spent part of the day with the lovely lady pictured at left. Mrs. Z suggested we go shopping at Payless, but I insisted on full star treatment.
In other news: Someone very close to me, who spent his entire day working with Victoria’s Secret model Fernanda on a shoot for PETA, raved about my highlights later this evening. So much for the limp insults attempted by the poor sport who approached me in the park yesterday.
All in all, the day was a most enjoyable one, and thus I have nothing fresh about which to bitch. Tomorrow, however, the tide will turn, I’m sure, and I will be full of newborn vitriol.
Stay tuned.