Immovable Type

A year ago today, I switched from Blogger (O, mellifluous moniker!) to Movable Type. In honor of the anniversary of this turning point, I popped open a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda (“Diet”, in keeping with the mood and mode of celery) to celebrate. I don’t know why I thought I would enjoy it, when celery in its unadulterated natural state holds absolutely no appeal for me. I mistakenly guessed that carbonation, like chocolate, could render almost anything palatable.
I have now been rendered paralyzed from the neck down. I feel nothing except a slightly fizzy tremor in the tips of my extremities, akin to carbonation. I am now an immovable beast. I am dictating this message to Taxi, who only touch types (but with startling and quite commendable accuracy), so forgive its brevity.
Fortunately my panicked plea — “Is there a doctor in the house … other than Dr. Brown, that miserable quack???” — was answered quickly by my trusty standby, Diet Dr Pepper.
Posting may resume tomorrow, pending a reversal of my paralysis, or, barring that, Taxi’s availability and willingness to assist me.