Saturday Morning Post

DOG: What, if anything, do you need from CVS?*
Me: Dental floss.
DOG: Dental floss?
Me: Yes. Dental floss. It doesn’t matter what kind. Floss. Tape. Ribbon. Whatever. But it should be waxed. It doesn’t have to be flavored, like cinnamon. It doesn’t have to taste good. What’s the point? It doesn’t have to do anything except be floss. It doesn’t have to do anything else. It doesn’t have to make dinner!
Taxi: Does it have to floss your teeth?
Me: Yes.
Taxi: Just checking.

Shana, of course, couldn’t be bothered with such trifles.
P.S. I am now in flossession of 40 yards (36.6 m) of Johnson & Johnson REACH® Easy Slide® Ultraglis (MC) Ultra Shred-Resistant Floss For Tight Teeth. (“The floss dentists use most.”) (!)
* The DOG does the food- and sundry-shopping here. Feel free to admire my good fortune, thank you.