I’d heard that the second Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, was being filmed in my area, but I hadn’t seen any evidence of it until yesterday. (Or maybe I did, but I didn’t realize what it was because I didn’t know.) I didn’t see any “stars”, but that’s OK, because a few clotheslinesful of drab laundry flapping in the breeze stir me more than Kirsten Dunst ever has. (I’m tempted to say something about her snaggleteeth, but I won’t. No, I won’t.)
Oh, and one more thing before I forget. Something that must be addressed before I’m forced to suspend someone from a clothesline: When the movie comes out, please refrain from calling the first Spider-Man movie “Spider-Man 1”. It’s just Spider-Man. Just like the first Rocky is not Rocky 1 and the first Godfather is not Godfather 1.