Harlem Streetwalker

Yes, that was I you saw on 125th Street this afternoon around 12:30, waaaaay too west of where I wanted to be, which was Strictly Roots, a Caribbean vegan restaurant in Harlem.
If I’d known that above Central Park, Seventh Avenue is called “Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard”, and that, unlike downtown, Broadway and Seventh Avenue aren’t even in the same general area, I would have been spared quite a few blisters and self-admonishments. Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway), I didn’t know, so my search for 2058 Seventh Avenue was a bit roundabout, which means I was somewhat lost and literally didn’t know which way to turn. But thanks to several helpful people whom I stopped on the street, I eventually found my way. (Men are always eager to help the pretty ladies.)
Once I found the restaurant, I knew I was in good hands. D.C., one of the owners of the place, welcomed me warmly. Everything in the cafeteria-style lineup looked delicious, and since there was nothing I wouldn’t eat, I “panicked”. I wanted everything. But because I didn’t want to be a total gluten glutton, only a partial one, I asked D.C. what he recommended.
So here’s what I wound up with:

Collard greens, fried plantains, mash [sic] potato, and veggie “fish”. All just delicious. Delicious enough for me to turn around from where I was sitting and call over to D.C. to tell him so. And definitely worth getting lost for.
I wasn’t lying when I told him I’d be back. He told me a much better way of getting there (there’s a subway stop that is only two blocks from the restaurant), which even I and my obscenely poor sense of direction will be able to handle. Thank god for D.C. I thought I’d have to go out and buy a pair of sensible shoes.
Visit the Strictly Roots website here, and read a comprehensive review here.