Tell the Tooth

Some people clean their apartments before their housekeepers arrive. Some people “do” their hair before going to their stylists. Some even perform a “dry run” pelvic examination before going to the gynecologist.
But what about the dentist? No one really likes going to the dentist. Not even if he’s dreamy, like the one in the bellbottoms who had Marcia Brady swooning (“Imagine. Me. Mrs. Marcia Dentist!”). So what about pre-dental appointment practices? Do you brush, or do you brush it off? Fill me in.

Tell the Tooth

Do you brush your teeth before you go to the dentist’s office for a teeth-cleaning?

Yes. Of course I do. Are you saying there are people who DON’T?

No. Why should I? That is THEIR job.

Yes, but only if I have eaten, or drunk coffee, or smoked a cigarette, or, well, not to be GROSS or anything, but, well …

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