West Side Glory

Feast your eyes on what I had for lunch today at Josie’s on the Upper West Side!

Just as tasty as it is pretty!
It was described on the menu like this:

Roasted vegetarian “meat” loaf filled with wild rice, brown rice, lentils, red beans, seitan and mixed vegetables served with rosemary au jus

I don’t know why restaurants — even those that cater largely to vegetarian clientele — insist on using non-vegetarian terms to describe vegetarian items. Tomorrow I’m going to go into Ideal Cheese and ask for the “tofu” block of mozzarella, just to see what happens. It’s gonna be crazy! (Shannen Doherty and Jamie Kennedy are going to accompany me!)
P.S. The side dish is couscous!
P.P.S. My companion had a large salad! He said it was quite good.