Flower Cheer

Pretty in pink! (Madison Square Park)
I’ll bet you didn’t think I have a green thumb, right? I’ll bet you think that just because I’m no good at vacuuming or mopping or countless other -ings having to do with indoor chores/bores, I’m also no good at outdoor domesticity. You probably think I can’t barbecue or mow a lawn … or garden!
Well, you’re right. I suppose. I’ve never really tried any of those things. Even though I grew up in the suburbs, I never learned. I somehow managed to get out of most things involving being outdoors, outside of baking myself to a luscious brown while reclining on a lounge chair for that express purpose. My mother likes to tell how I would be inside, baking cookies or brownies for everyone else who was outside laboring.
So, anyway … the flower. I didn’t really grow it myself. But I did snap this pretty picture of a flower saying hello, and waving a little flower pompom in its outstretched arm (positioned at 11:00)!
P.S. The key to getting out of doing things you don’t want to do is to pretend you don’t know how to do them. Or, genuinely suck at them, and be told to just go away because your “help” is none!