One Word

I’m not big on promoting other sites, but it behooves me (I hate that expression, but I figure if I’m breaking one “rule”, I may as well go all out and just break ’em all) (join me later as I rob banks, key some cars, do unto others as I would not have them do unto me, murder random “folks”, and use the word “folks” without cringing!) to lead you into the temptation that is oneword.
I don’t do it every day (I’m not that kind of boy), but I did it today. The word is “exposed”. Here is what I wrote (it’s a little saucy, so you may want to hide the little ones’ eyes or not read it aloud!):

He pulled down his pants and exposed what nestled between his thighs. She’d never seen anything quite like it. It was HUGE. My god. The hugest map of the United States, complete with Alaska and Hawaii, tucked between his legs where ordinarily she expected to see just a sad little representation of the State of Florida.

For further amusement, check out the other submissions for “exposed” as well. Amazing, how seriously people take this junk.
Oh, and one more thing: You’re not supposed to know the word beforehand, so don’t go running over there with all these ideas in your head about the brilliance you’re going to plunk down today. That’d be cheating. And that is one rule you just shouldn’t break!
(Did you know that in prison, it’s not the rapists and child abusers who are treated the worst by the other prisoners? Well, it’s not. It’s cheaters! And P.S. Cheaters never win anyway.)