Window of Opportunity

As you certainly know by now — unless you’re living in a two-bit town whose only source of news is the local newsletter printed using the old mimeograph machine at the general store — I am kidnapped regularly. By now I have learned to accept it, and even expect it, given who I am and what I have.
Behold the site of my next anticipated kidnapping, which my sources tell me will occur sometime before the official end of summer:

On 17 August, the windows were closed! Two days later, the windows were open!  It was like MAGIC!
As you can see, these windows are fantastic, and my captors — invariably a select group of bon vivants with exceptional taste — know that window treatments ruin the effect. So you may want to start camping out on the sidewalk across the street in order to get a prime view.
What: My Next Kidnapping!
Where: 7 East 20th Street
When: Sometime before the first day of autumn, 2003
No need to R.S.V.P.
Come early for best seating!
Oh, and BYOB!!!