Eight I Ate

I feel bad. I’ve been holding back. I’ve had some tasty lunches (and one dinner) that I have not shared with you. I don’t know why I get like this. I don’t know why I’m so neglectful sometimes. But at least I recognize this fault, this flaw, this shameful wrongdoing, and can make it right. So without further fanfare or ado, I present a few photos I have been hoarding:

Cafe Mozart, Middle Eastern Platter
10 June 2003
My friend “M” — Jack to my Karen, and one of the reasons you can find me on the Upper West Side so often (if you can find me, that is) — and I enjoyed a leisurely al fresco lunch at Cafe Mozart. We sobbed as we passed on dessert. (We ladies who lunch like to keep our figures girlish.)

Souen, Tofu Okabe
19 July 2003
The DOG and I eat at Souen only if we can have the isolated table by the front windows. Otherwise, we risk being held captive by ditzy conversations of tangle-haired philosophers seated in the lotus position only two feet away. And although I love the tofu okabe, I prefer to taste it only as it goes down my esophagus.

Caravan of Dreams, Burrito Monoski
26 July 2003
Any day that includes a visit to Caravan of Dreams is a wonderful day indeed. I love everything about this place, and could rave on and on … from the cute waitresses in vintage dresses and barrettes, to the Johnny Depp-esque guy who does the cooking or something, to the mismatched mosaic tables and wide-plank floors, to, oh yeah, the food.

Viva Cafe Natural Pizza, Sicilian Pizza
26 July 2003
The only way a day that starts with Caravan of Dreams could get any better would be to end it with the Sicilian pizza (vegan, kids, all vegan!) from Viva. I like it even better the next day, right out of the refrigerator. (Yes, there are leftovers.)

Goga, Breakfast Burrito
30 August 2003
Occasionally, the DOG and I travel to foreign lands just for food. This bountiful breakfast burrito from Goga was worth the F-train ride to Brooklyn and the thousands of steps we descended from the subway platform to the street. I didn’t know what “Goga” meant, so I wore yoga pants and gogo boots just to be safe.

Village Natural, Millet Croquettes
6 September 2003
I know it sounds like scary boarding-school food, but I don’t think that’s what the soft-spoken people who run Village Natural had in mind. Still, I wear a navy blue crested blazer while eating it, just to bring back memories of all the pranks we used to pull on Blair and Mrs. Garrett.

Organic Harvest Cafe, Seitan Enchiladas
10 September 2003
I used to be a regular at Organic Harvest when I was involved in a super top secret project in that neighborhood a few years ago. Twice lately I’ve ordered the enchiladas when I meant to order the fajitas, but I’ve managed to choke it down anyway despite my misorder.

Inside My New Boots Box, Silica Gel
12 September 2003
Desiccant? Oh yes, I can! I disregarded the THROW AWAY demand, because I think that’s just a pitiful waste. You Americans and your careless, disposable culture! In addition, I don’t know what the DO NOT EAT fuss and flutter is all about. This stuff is just like Pop Rocks — but tailored for sophisticated adult tastes! Pair it with a whimsical glass of of Liquid-Plumr®, and you couldn’t ask for a more delightful mid-day repast!