Lip Tip

Yesterday I had the great honor and privilege of being in the same room as Tammy Faye Messner. You may remember her as Tammy Faye Baker. You most certainly remember that several years ago, her mascara was put to the test and all the world learned that her particular brand was not waterproof.
Well, that’s all changed now. Tammy Faye Baker may not have known waterproof from 80 proof, but Tammy Faye Messner does. And she’s back and better than ever with her new book, “I Will Survive … And You Can, Too!”. I happen to have a copy.
Although I have not read the book … yet … I can give you one little word of advice that she tipped her captive audience to yesterday: Always apply lipstick before leaving the house. It shows you care.
So I leave you with this tip as I leave the apartment now for Pilates and the gym. I thought you should know before you leave your own houses, apartments, and huts this morning. Just in case you were thinking about going out sans lipstick. As for me? Well, I am wearing a touch of lipgloss. I don’t know if that imparts the same message as lipstick does, but … I don’t care!
P.S. Ms. Messner now wears waterproof mascara. Something by L’Oreal. (But is she really worth it?)