For Grown-Up Dolls!

As if it’s not bad enough that we have Barbie dolls to lead little girls into lives of quiet bimbo desperation (spare me the argument that Barbie’s independent now, what with the condo and her careers), and comfy little pink dumbbells that won’t rough up the little pink hands of belles dumb enough to buy into the notion that girls don’t lift more than five pounds, and Secret and secret deodorants, and all sorts of TV channels and gyms and books targeted at a gender that insists it wants to be treated not as “second class citizens” or the weaker sex, Bed Bath & Beyond, the marketplace of all that is domestic, offers “solutions for women”:

Regular tools are just so ugly! What's the problem, barbara k?
Why, yes, it’s a pretty tool kit for the pretty sex! “Simple home repair” for simple minds! And how appropriate that it’s by “barbara k!” (exclamation point!)! A grown-up Barbie!
At long last, solutions to a problem I didn’t know existed until barbara k! told me otherwise!
See, barbara k! knows that a girl doesn’t have the arm to swing a big boy hammer! And now, thanks to barbara k!, she’ll learn that a screwdriver isn’t just something that men buy her at the bar! And nails, too! They’re not just those pretty things sprouting out of each of her fingertips (the ones she’d no doubt chip if she dared to handle the tools of the testosterone trade!)!
Thanks a trundle, barbara k! !
But one teensy-weensy question: Why doesn’t it come in pink?