Fun appétit!

You know how sometimes, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’ll take a shine to a certain food and want to eat it all the time? And how you say to yourself, “My god, I never realized how delicious tuna fish is! I really should eat this more often!” — and so you do?
Well, that’s the way I am right now with FreeCell. Yes, that FreeCell. The nifty little card game that comes with the computer. The one your grandfather thinks is the cat’s pajamas because it’s kinda like a new-fangled Solitaire!
Every once in a while I notice it on the computer and think, “I haven’t played that in so long!” and then I start playing it again. And oh how good it tastes! Ever since I reacquainted myself with it a few weeks ago, I’ve been enamored of it again. “Why did I ever stop playing this?” I asked myself one night at 3:15 a.m., when I was on a winning streak and had won 796 games out of 812 in one session. “It’s marvelous fun!”
And then I had a bacon cheeseburger!
P.S. Don’t be alarmed. Just like with a favored food item, this too will pass, and one day I’ll wake up and lose my appetite for FreeCell. And then I’ll move on to something bigger and better, like Jumble!