Glass Destruction

It is no secret that I have a habit of breaking glasses. It’s not that I actively seek to break them or that breaking them is part of a cherished morning routine that has me out of bed before the sun rises and cracking a glass or two in the barn before I tend the fields. It’s just that they just so happen to break in my presence. Just like that. Sometimes by fault of my own and sometimes by fault of telekinetic powers that I have not yet learned how to control. And then, of course, there are those instances when glasses can’t help but spontaneously crack when I enter a room — sort of like spontaneous combustion, only without the heat and all that messy char.
So, a while ago, I broke a glass in this room. And as is my custom, in keeping with my lifelong dedication to public and private safety, I cleaned up the mess immediately and carefully placed the glass’s remains in the trash with a teary apology. It was just another experience with yet another broken glass, but still, each occasion brings with it a fresh and tender sorrow all its own.
On Saturday, while retrieving a pen that had fallen to the floor by the bed, I noticed, under the bed, a large chunk of a glass that had broken so long ago that I can’t even remember when it happened. I did recall the sadness, of course, because emotion like that just doesn’t go away. But I choked back the tears and wondered about that large chunk, approximately one-third of the bottom portion of the glass. How could I have possibly missed it during the original clean-up process? Certainly I’d taken special care to make sure that it, with its sharp and jagged edge, was safely removed from the scene. I’m sure of it.
I puzzled over this for quite some time. Plotted a detailed timeline. Devised a colorful pie chart. Staged a re-enactment. Interrogated myself under a bright white light and smacked myself a few times across the head with something blunt that wouldn’t leave a mark because I just knew I was holding something back from myself.
It wasn’t until 36 grueling hours later that I finally discovered the truth.

Stay tuned!