So it’s October. The month of my birth. The month whose name is most likely to be used for hilarious advertising or other nefarious purposes, i.e. Rocktober (for rock ‘n’ roll or geology buffs), Cocktober (for porn lovers), Hocktober (for pawn lovers), Pocktober (for acne admirers), Stocktober (for broth or Wall Street wizards), Frocktober (for dress devotees), Jocktober (for sports fans), Socktober (for hosiery enthusiasts), Smocktober (for caftan zealots), Woktober (for stir-fry fiends), and Schlocktober (for kitsch aficionados). And, of course, Oktoberfest. Among many many others too numerous and cumbersome to list. (Please feel free to not send me your suggestions.)
So, anyway, for what it’s worth (approximately 42 kopeks) … Happy October!
P.S. Please consult my Amazon Wish List for suggestions on what to get me for my birthday.
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