Rest in Pieces

I am heartbroken.
Shortly after presenting Glass Destruction to the reading public, I shattered another glass’s dreams. Moments after successfully transferring iced coffee from one glass to another, I inadvertently tapped the first glass a bit too aggressively against the second, resulting in the immediate cracking of the first glass.
My only consolation, small as it may be, is that it gave its life for a noble cause, and it died in the line of duty, while performing an act that gave us both a great deal of happiness: the presentation of iced coffee.
Ordinarily I would be loathe to photograph a subject in such a vulnerable and sad state (witness my reluctance to provide the world with photographs of a pale, puffy, and profusely sweating Elvis Presley in 1977, mere days before his death), but this time I am making an exception. By providing an image of this heroic glass, I am saving it from exploitation of the rabid tabloid buzzards who circled above my building just moments after learning of this latest tragedy.

R.I.P., Fruit Glass
I will miss you.