The Big Time

This morning when I went outside to go to the gym, I noticed quite a bit of business going on several hops, skips, and jumps from my building. Hubbub! Catering trucks and props trucks, all sorts of scary equipment and big trailers, and harried-looking people wearing headsets telling people not to cross the street where they were trying to cross the street. I thought perhaps the circus had come to town or a colorful parade was approaching or a monster truck rally was heading my way, and I started to get very excited. Perhaps if all attention was on the action, I could find the table with all the food and get a little pre-workout snack!
While I waited to cross the street where crossing was prohibited, I stopped and stood off to the side to watch the action, whatever it was. Apparently it was a big-time movie set. A real live motion picture was being filmed in my very neighborhood! There were some non-descript people in business clothes and briefcases waiting for the “Action!” cue and their time to shine.
“Roll!” someone shouted.
“Action!” someone shouted.
And then they shone. And I crossed the street.
I did not see any big name stars. I did not gawk, because after all, I am jaded to the whole scene. This is Nueva York after all, and that is what they do here. They shoot the movies! (Remember this and this?)
About three hours later, the DOG and I left the building for our Saturday funfest, and the brouhaha was still brewing. Because he is just as jaded as I am to the business, he didn’t want to stop to gawk either. Whatever stars might happen to be out, well, they would just have to do without a glimpse of the two of us.
We rounded the corner, and there, on the sidewalk, sat two black director-type chairs with the names of the two stars of the film in big white block letters across the back. I can’t believe I didn’t take photos of them, because they would certainly fetch only the prettiest of pennies.
Who were these stars, you ask?
Why, these two darlings!
“Oh,” I said, arching an eyebrow as we passed. “I thought it was a real movie.”
The stars of our day were our lunches!