Last year on this day (my birthday, in case you haven’t been paying attention or this is your first time here), I trotted out a very popular post I’d written a couple of months earlier, entitled “Crappy Birthday To You”. Those were the days I allowed comments on this site, and it collected its fair share. I still receive email about it, and other people are still linking to it, so I take that as an indication that I should start a tradition by posting it every year on my own birthday.
So here, without further pomp and/or circumstance, but with a liberal sprinkling of confetti befitting the occasion, I present … Crappy Birthday To You.

*   *   *   
My birthday has been just lovely. And true to a new tradition on this site, I will include photos of two of the birthday lunches I’ve indulged in this weekend. Oh, and there will be cake too. I haven’t seen the cake yet, but I’m sure it’s a beaut.
Thank you to everyone who acknowledged my birthday in some fashion — whether via email, card, gift, or drawing on my For the Refrigerator page. Thank you to those of you who announced my birthday on your own sites. I appreciate all of it more than I’ll ever let on.
And to those of you who will use the excuse that you sent me birthday greetings via telepathy, well, I’m sorry but that doesn’t cut it. You should know those kinds of messages can’t travel through the big bouquets of mylar balloons surrounding me.
Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you’re doing. If you’re eating a stale Tastykake cupcake (the ones that used to be the size of a “preemie”‘s head but are now about the size of an Oreo), pretend it’s in honor of me, even if it’s not, so I won’t have to hate you for refusing to participate in the gala that is my birthday.