I am disappointed!

With “spammers”, that is!
“Oh, who isn’t, girlfriend!” you’re thinking. “Who isn’t!”
My disappointment has nothing to do with them clogging my in-box (hahahaha, “box”, hahahahahahaha), no. It has nothing to do with the usual complaints one reads about, about the products and services being offered by these entrepreneurial pioneers.
No, I’m just disappointed because none of these spammers have come up with a subject line offering me “The best holiday SPREAD on the table!” and a full-color email showing all manner of comely cuties offering a cornucopia of their goodies between their spread thighs (as tan and buttery as a Parker House roll!), atop a well-appointed dining room table.
But then again, perhaps in the spirit of the holiday, I suppose I should be thankful they didn’t think of it.