Kyria and Curry Leaf

No, it isn’t a delightful children’s story along the lines of “James and the Giant Peach” or “Harold and the Purple Crayon” or “Missy and the Bulbous Green Tumor Growing Somewhere She’s Embarrassed to Show the School Nurse”. “Kyria and Curry Leaf” is delightful, yes, like those beloved classics, and the kids may squeal and clap their hands in response and do that little dance where you can’t tell if they’re happy or about to do something disgusting that will require a change of pants (theirs, not yours), but it’s non-fiction, which isn’t a big kid-pleaser.
No, the title is just my way of telling you where I was today and with whom. At least part of the day. The tastiest, laughingest part. Because what better combination could I ask for than fantastic food and a funny fraulein? Ordinarily to have this much fun in the company of a lady, all I have to do is carry a full-length mirror in my specially made bag and prop it up across from me in stores or restaurants. But today I only had to do that for the part of the day that involved the purchase of a pair of intensely kicky boots at Otto Tootsi Plohound! Swell!
Although Kyria and I rarely veer from saag paneer (see here and here for background on PaneerQuest2003 … in case you’re new here, or, if not new, then nostalgic), today we went to Curry Leaf for mushroom saag. I’d had it a couple of weekends ago, died over how delicious it was, and then somehow revived myself so I could dash off an email to Kyria to tell her we’d have to go back and die together (we’re romantic like that) (and no, by “die”, I don’t mean it in the Shakespearean way, you literate perverts).
And die we did. Look at what did us in:

Aloo Tikki, Rice, and Mushroom Saag (left to right)
I was so thrilled that Kyria was there to share the excitement, because after a while, spooning food onto the face of an unappreciative mirror with an uneducated palate gets a little old (even if the conversation remains scintillating). I much prefer spooning it into Kyria’s mouth as she sits on my lap like a little girl. But that, children, is a story for another day.
P.S.  The waiter was tickled to tell us that the mushroom saag contained “lots of Vitamin C!” Take note, flu sufferers!