No, I’m Not:

  • Going to even taste the turkey
  • Going to the Macy’s Day Parade
  • Going shopping this Friday

I haven’t had turkey for at least 12 years.
I despise all parades, with the exception of the gay pride extravaganza, but even then I can only take about 30 minutes before I start praying for rain.
Your suburban mall crowds on “Black Friday” are nothing compared to the mayhem in New York City. What you experience the day after Thanksgiving at Pinchapenny Outlet Commons is what a New Yorker sees on an ordinary day. So this is my not so gentle request for you to not make this the year you decide to buck up and brave it into this city to do a little Christmas shopping. Remember, or, if you didn’t know in the first place, be advised, that we have sales tax of 8.625% here. It’s not worth coming into the city to shop. Besides, our selection of novelty sweaters isn’t as broad as yours is.
Site Note:  Now through the end of the month only, you can enjoy the “A-Maize-Ing Face” version of my face at the top of this page. If you hover over it, you will be able to see “Classic Jodi”. So don’t fret. I know change isn’t always easy, so I’m willing to accommodate. It is, after all, Thanksgiving.