Real Women

I’m sick of sitcoms, commercials, advertisements, and all other manner of media that insist on showing women, usually in their 20s and 30s, bonding with ice cream. Either a big tub that all the gal pals dig into with their individual spoons, or individual pints for which each of the gals has her own spoon. For added flavor, they’re commiserating about Men.
Don’t the masterminds know that this isn’t the way it goes? I wish they would start representing women realistically: in their lacy push-up bras and/or panties (yes, panties), rubbing (ice cubes onto?) each other’s arched backs and knotty naughty places those damned men (“they’re all the same!”) couldn’t ever quite find, if they even knew they existed in the first place!
That’s an image we could all get behind. Isn’t it, ladies???