Hats Off!

Remember the hat I wrote about yesterday? Sure you do. And if you don’t, you can click on the link or scroll down (you have options). And then start taking gingko biloba or whatever the trendy memory herb du jour is. Or maybe replace the potato chip embedded in your brain with a computer chip.
Well, I take that hat off to the incredible Sarah, for coming to my rescue (all the way across the world in New Zealand!) and resolving the hideous glitch that literally kept me up at night — not trying to remedy it, of course, because I know nothing about the technical aspects of Movable Type. And the only thing I know about my “server” is that his name is Jason and he’d like to tell me the specials today. No, I was kept up at night with my endless worry that things would be permanently messed up and that my life was thus coming to an end.
So, thank you thank you thank you, Sarah of NZ from Jodi of NY. If you were as close to me as Z is to Y in the alphabet, I’d take you to lunch, and of course, photograph it, and post those images here in honor of you, for enabling me to properly upload photos again (and all the other stuff you spent so much time and energy doing for me). Please enjoy instead the gift I have sent you from your Amazon Wish List.
Of course, this means that now I can resume lunch photos, which so many of you have written to tell me you enjoy so much, and which I know Sarah digs too.
As always, stay tuned.