Fifth Avenue, 5:42 a.m.
Little ants and rubber tree plants have nothin’ on the high hopes exhibited by this enterprising container of salt! I must say I’m impressed with this cannister’s can-do attitude! Never mind what I said about salt in the past. Where’s the paprika now? The turmeric? The Rice-A-Roni® Spanish Rice seasoning pack or the fenugreek? Sleeping, that’s where! And not even on the job! And I don’t see Mrs. Dash® dashing through the snow in her chenille robe and scuffy slippers, either!
Sorry for assaulting your reputation earlier, NaCl! You’re the salt of the earth!
Note:  No, I am not trying to be artsy with the black and white photo. It’s just that I took this photo before dawn this morning, and the color result looked like yellow snow. At that hour, the snow had not yet had an opportunity to be yellowed as thoroughly as it appeared in the photo, and I did not want to put the snow in a bad light. (See, it’s all about a little thing called respect.)