I hate when people say that certain foods are “addictive”.

Jeanette:  Oh my god, someone stop me! I just can’t stop eating these things!
Mandy:  What things?
Jeanette:  Bugles! They’re so addictive!
Mandy:  I know what you mean, grrrrl. I’m the same way with chocolate!
Jeanette:  Sooo many of my girlfriends are chocoholics too!
Mandy:  I’m even more of a lost cause, though. I mean, hello, can you say Hershey whore? Those little kisses? And, oh, the hugs? So addictive!
Jodi:  Die, please.

I had some pretty good food this weekend. Seriously good. Nothing that will have me sprawled face down in a pool of my own sputum and sweat if, by chance, the dishes are removed from their respective restaurants’ menus, and nothing that I will say causes me to suffer from “withdrawal” if I don’t have it for a while. No. The following few items are quite tasty, though, and worth risking a public plate-licking:

Life Cafe, Eggless Rancheros
7 February 2004
“That’s disgusting,” you say. “I can’t believe she photographed her regurgitated brunch. But at least she made an attempt to artfully arrange it on the plate, so maybe she’s not all that bad.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is the way the dish was presented. Although I assure you it was so much cuter in person, its sass and spice would have more than made up for any actual aesthetic shortcomings.

Lunch today, at one of my long-time favorite restaurants, Zen Palate, was just as photo-friendly as it was tastebud-friendly:

Soya Wings on Sugar Cane, Tapestry Embrace, and Sizzling Medallions
I could live without these dishes. I would prefer not to, but that doesn’t mean they’re “addictive”.
Which reminds me: If you’re anywhere near Manhattan between now and March 14, you must see Mark Lundholm in his one-man show, Addicted. It is well worth the $40 you scrounge together daily for your Dove bar “fix”.