News, Both Good ‘n’ Bad

Well, I’m back on the hate-wagon again … and lovin’ it. My bile was riled at the gym this morning, and all it took was seeing someone’s face contorted as if in the clutches of constipation while he was doing the lat pulldown machine and seeing someone else doing really fast jumping jacks.
So that’s good news.
In other news, I received the repair estimate from Canon regarding my camera. The cost to repair is $168.37.
This would be bad news if I did not have the option to upgrade to a camera with a few more megapixels. And of course by “upgrade”, I mean buy a new one. But I do have the option and I’m takin’ it. And soon will be takin’ fabulous fotos once again. And puttin’ a “g” on the end of predicates!
So I guess this means there really isn’t any bad news. Which is good news! Oh, LOL!