Fools Rush In

Someone visited this place tonight (or, technically, Wednesday night) via the following search string cheese:

Amazing, that I come up as #1 in that search (I am so proud), ’cause, like, I’m not saying anything today. At least not here.
So if I’m not saying anything, who is ?
Well, YOU are. That’s right. YOU. You see, all day today, and only today, I am opening up comments on this post only, so you can say something. And in keeping with the spirit of this very important holiday, I encourage you to make a fool of yourself. But don’t be a dick about it, or I will be forced to remove yours, even if you are not so equipped.
Remember, though: I am only keeping the comments open today. Don’t get all excited, thinking the commenting feature — which I disabled starting 1 December 2002 — is making a comeback. It’s not. So if you don’t speak today, well, forever hold your peace, your piece, and know you are a fool.
UPDATE (2 April, 12:21 a.m.):  April Fool’s! The comments will remain open through Friday! April Fool’s!