H2 Whoa!

Water’s important. We all know that. It does a lot of good stuff. And as any dieter or health-conscious person will tell you, it works wonders to suppress the appetite. I offer as proof the following Before and After shots of Trinity Water:

Trinity Water, Before and After
Notice how the After bottle prettied itself up with a new hat to reward itself for a job well done and to celebrate its new slim ‘n’ trim figure.
“Believe it or not,” Trinity said with a laugh and a wink, “now I feel like the liter of the pack!”
Not to be outdone by Trinity, Poland Spring announced today that it would follow in the lesser-known brand’s footsteps and try to shed some of its water weight as well. Take a look at these two Before photos:

Poland Spring, Before and Before
Poland Spring was steadfast in its refusal to be photographed head-on and insisted I photograph it from what it considered to be more flattering angles. “I’ve just got too much chug-a-lug in my jug!” it said. “What’s a poor gallon to do? A liquid diet may be my only hope.”
Good luck, Poland Spring! And remember: a pretty hat awaits!