If you think I post a lot of food photos, well, let me tell you … this evening as I was searching through my folders looking for a fun non-food photo that would keep your ocular systems sharp and your minds spry — and at the same avoid stimulating your gurgling stomachs more than you can handle — I came across so many platesful of outrageously luscious lunches whose gorgeous full-color two-dimensional likenesses have never been shared here. But don’t pout. It’s not like I’m hiding anything from you, no. It’s not like those photos hide evidence that I secretly indulge in mouth-watering butterfly shrimp, beef Wellington, turkey tettrazini, or osso buco. Not at all. It’s just that I’m a lady, and everyone knows a lady never shows it all.
Unless she’s this one:

Mimi Ferzt Gallery, 114 Prince Street
I think you’ll agree that when it comes to this generously equipped lovely standing guard outside Mimi Ferzt, no one needs to scramble and shout, “Me! Me, first!” There’s more than enough for everyone!