The weekend was such a whirlwind. Social engagements, paparazzi, movie premieres. Flashbulbs, limousines, fisticuffs. It all becomes too much after a while. A blur. You lose sight of quite a lot in all the mayhem, bedlam, and scramble. But one thing that remains constant is lunch. No matter what else happens, I know I can rely on lunch to ground me and keep me sane.
Here is what did the trick this weekend:

Vietnamese Stir-Fry Rice Noodle
with Five Spice Tofu Rolls
Gobo, 24 April 2004

“But wait, Jodi,” you say, concern furrowing your brow. “I see the noodles, but where the hoohah are the five spice tofu rolls? I think you were gypped!”
That’s what I thought too. Believe me, if I wasn’t such an easygoing girl, I would have been livid and demanded to know why I was being victimized and ostracized and why my five spice tofu rolls were being held hostage. But as it was, I gently suggested to the waiter that the tofu rolls were missing in action. He gasped and said, “You’re right!” and told me he would bring them to me right away. I told him I would take them to go, so I could add a little coda onto the fun later that afternoon. So here they are:

Five Spice Tofu Rolls,
nestled in quite lovely takeout container
Enjoyed in my living room, without benefit of a plate or utensils
(In other words, I buried my head in the box (!) like … never mind)

And if that wasn’t excitement enough for one Saturday afternoon, I also indulged in this:

Taro Green Tea Bubble Tea With Soy Milk
You have not lived until you’ve sucked a big tapioca bead, about 1/2″ in diameter, through a straw just wide enough to accommodate its girth’s ascent to your eager mouth. You don’t know pure pleasure until the moment the bead reaches the top of the straw and you suck ever so gently to guide it between your lips and hear the joyous little *pop* the bead makes. Trust me.
But the fun food wasn’t just limited to Saturday, no. Today’s lunch was delicious too. And pretty! Take a gander:

Macro Platter
Hiziki seaweed, brown rice, black beans,
and oh, who knows, really
Village Natural, 25 April 2004

Macro my words (oh, LOL!), it was fantastic. Gwyneth Paltrow and I winked at each other knowingly as our plates were placed before us.
And I then I took the subway:

Subway platform, 8th Street, Uptown N/R
Where did she go? She’ll never tell!