It has been suggested by a certain brother of mine that I should stop showing my food so much here on my world-famous website. This, coming from a person who, at 42, can still be counted on to show me a “train wreck” inside his gaping maw. However, since it is the nature of sisters to defy their brothers, I will continue to feature my food as often as I like. At least the stuff I display here is not pre-chewed and is delightfully free of saliva (at least my own, since I cannot vouch for what goes on behind the scenes at restaurants).
So without further ado, I present some particularly pleasing food that passed through my lips in recent days.

Crispy vegetarian fish seasoned in fresh herbs
and lemon. Served with steamed asparagus,
yellow squash and sweet corn mashed potatoes.
Red Bamboo, 16 April 2004

Salt and Pepper King Oyster Mushrooms
Green Tea Noodle with Broccoli and Smoked Beijing Style Seitan
Gobo, 17 April 2004

As for you, dearest brother Bix, kindly keep your mouth shut!
P.S.  I may continue to use “Jodeats” for all entries exclusively devoted to food, so do not get confused. Or I may not. It is your duty, however, to continue to not be confused.