Not So Hot Stuff

So the temperature is “unseasonably” warm today, just like it was yesterday. It is July in April, and by god, everyone in the city is up ‘n’ out ‘n’ about, shuffling up, down, and across Broadway, showing off what should be kept covered, baring what should be hidden until it has time to see more sun or more activity than slouch-lounging, invertebrate, overstuffed with Pringles, on the overstuffed sofa watching reality TV. Bulbous hips and gelatinous guts painfully pressed to overflowing atop the breath-stopping waistbands of too-tight jeans. Thighs shuddering cellulite. Triceps flapping like flags in the breeze. And who can ignore the overdose of toes. All of it overexposed already. I wish it would snow.