Props for My Peeps

I hate when people, after relating a story, say, “Oh, you had to be there.” That is a cop-out meaning, “I do not possess the pizzaz to convey the proper tone of my singular experience” or, simply, “I am a poor storyteller.” I also hate when people’s photographs do not portray an accurate account of the events that transpired and inspired the taking of the photos in the first place.
I think the following three photographs speak volumes for my Tuesday night out with, among others, two of my favorite people not only in New York but all the world.*

I will not disclose the locations where we indulged in this debauchery. I share my days with you, but not most of my nights. Still, I am confident you will agree that these photos make you feel like you were there with me and my brilliant friends. Even though you were just home cursing the President for pre-empting American Idol.
* Daniel and Kyria, you know who you are.