Color Fool – On the Job!

I asked you to guess what this fellow was dressed for, and you responded. None of you came even close, and for that I thank you.
One reader named Lisa, however, suggested this: I believe he’s off to his job as a Crash Test Dummy. And even though she was not correct, and his job was this —

— the words “Crash Test Dummy” still applied to the event.
“How so, Jo?” you’re wondering. “I’m stymied!”
Well, you see, Bubble Boy, who squoze his lithe form into a balloon (inflated by a rather large blow dryer contraption wielded by an assistant) and then pranced within it accompanied by a bright orange light tethered to his neck and several bursts of unabashed glitter, was just one of three acts involved in last Thursday’s “episode” of Late Night in the Living Room With Brad Roberts. And Brad Roberts, as one or two of you may know, is the lead singer for Crash Test Dummies.
See? It’s uncanny!
The other colorful characters rounding out the evening’s entertainment were The Bitter Poet and Andres du Bouchet (left to right):

Notice the contrast in delivery and sartorial styles between these two talented poets. And notice how unruffled Andres remained during his interview with Brad Roberts:

I apologize for the less than spectacular quality of these photographs, but I was trying to be stealthy in snapping them, because I did not want to be confronted by management and thrown out on my ear. Had that happened, I would have closely resembled The Bitter Poet, except without the hideous red ruffled shirt and tight black leather pants.
This thus ends the exciting audience participation of the “Color Fool” entry (meaning the comments are closed), but as you can see, the excitement never ends here in the city that would have you believe it never sleeps but does occasionally nod off.