Cut It Out

After I ate my lunch today at Candle Cafe, which consisted of this —

THAI RICE ROLL with rice noodles, pickled
vegetables, red bell pepper strips and bean
sprouts, rolled in romaine and rice paper.
Served with sake dipping sauce.

and this —

Chipotle marinated tofu served with a quinoa and
black bean stuffed avocado. Served on a bed of steamed
greens with toasted cumin vinaigrette and mango salsa.

and this —

— I came to the conclusion that I cannot stand when adults cut up all of their food before eating it. This, after witnessing a woman rapidly reduce her entire plate of food to bite-sized chunks immediately upon receiving it. I granted that it was acceptable only when the food was on a plate set before a child who could not be trusted to use a knife. I railed against this much to the delight of the DOG until we got into a taxi and zoomed down to Bloomingdale’s.
What a charming slice of life!