How I love hating things in the present. There’s so much from which I can pick and choose. And I look forward to the future, where I can already see hate on the horizon. It’s so comforting. I know that no matter what else happens, one thing I can be sure of is that I’ll find plenty to deride.
However, nothing is quite like hating something that has already passed and should already be forgotten. I do so enjoy holding a hate grudge. And I hold a very special place in my bilious heart (yes, I know the liver is responsible for bile, but my physiology is different from yours) (just one of the many ways I am my own special snowflake) for anyone who still makes references to any of the Austin Powers movies.
This oversized postcard recently found its way into my mailbox:

Offending Postcard, Front and Back
As if it’s not bad enough that people ever thought it was acceptable to go around saying things like, “Yeah, baby” in a bad Austin Powers voice, even when the first movie came out in 1997 … and still thought it was adorable to continue saying it when the third movie came out in 2002 … this guy thinks it’s not only still OK to imitate Austin Powers two years after the last movie but to use it to promote his professional services.
I only wish I didn’t have any compunction about showing this guy’s face in his ad, but alas, I do. Showing it, or revealing any of his identifying information, would not be groovy, baby, yeah.