Tic Tac Schmoe

So strategic!
Does anyone else out there feel an inordinate amount of pride when they accomplish the simplest of tasks, e.g. emptying a wastepaper basket or ridding a wallet of old CVS receipts for items such as Tic Tacs? Am I the only one?
And I am alone in saving receipts for items such as Tic Tacs in the event (however unlikely it may be) that, if I go into a Duane Reade after the purchase and a zealous security guard sees me popping one of these zingy little mints into my mouth and asks me if I wouldn’t like to pay for the mints, I can flap the glossy-paper receipt in his accusing face and thus avoid jail time?
Am I alone in lamenting that a Tic Tac is now 30% larger than it used to be and thus contains 1.9 calories rather than the 1.5 that was so proudly flaunted in the ad campaign lo so many years ago?
Am I alone in thinking the orange Tic Tacs are absolutely delicious and can make for a very satisfying alternative to an actual lunch? (Don’t worry. I will not be posting photos of a pretty plateful of Tic Tacs. It’s tempting, but I won’t.)
Am I?