Note re: “Rustestines”

Apparently my friend Daniel (to whom I would link if only he hadn’t become a crybaby and taken his absolutely brilliant website, “Giant Genius”, off the internet due to big babydom) thinks that the drawing accompanying today’s earlier entry looks like “swirly poo”. This is only one of the many very adult phrases he used to describe it. Apparently Daniel has never had the good fortune of examining actual intestines, either his own or anyone else’s, but has had more than ample time to gaze upon the end product.
Why do I tell you this, you wonder? Well, I tell you as a sort of preemptive strike. I’m taking a proactive stance. Just so you don’t feel compelled to send me email saying, “Say, Jodi, ‘sup with the crap?” I don’t want none of that shit.
Thank you for your understanding.
P.S.  If you hover over the drawing, there is a little “alt” text stating that it is not “swirly poo”. Just to make sure it’s clear.