Choo Love

He doesn’t anymore. Almost seven years later, and Choo wouldn’t know Patti(e?) if he tripped over her. And he must’ve been trippin’ on the night of 10/27/97, when she finally let him “love” her. So yeah, he “loved” her. And when she whipped out that Sharpie (permanent ink! their love would last forever!) on the morning of 10/28/97, on their way into the City on the F train, and said, “If you really do, you’ll write it here on the train!” what was he supposed to do? Say no? She didn’t say “no” last night (finally!), so this was the least he could do for her, right? Right?
Also, the most he could do for her. Because now, almost seven years later, he wouldn’t know Patti(e?) from a hole in the ground.
Patti(e?), though, still sometimes puts on her Walkman and fills her head with Toni Braxton’s “Un-break My Heart”. Our song! she whispers fiercely to herself. And when her six-year-old son tugs on her arm on the subway platform to tell her the “choo-choo” is coming, she remembers Choo doing just that on 10/27/97 and telling her it was OK, baby, it was OK, she wouldn’t get pregnant, she couldn’t the first time, and even if she did, he’d be there for her, his love was true.