Food for Thought

Because I do not want to share the hate in my heart and the visciousness in my viscera with you (there is too much! you would suffer hate-shock!), I will share the food in my stomach. Or at least food that has recently been in my stomach, which is part of my real viscera and not the figurative one just mentioned. Believe me, you’re better off seeing what churned through my digestive system rather than what’s burning bilious holes of hatred in my head.
So, enjoy!

Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, Crispy Fish Divine
17 July 2004
Although the name of this dish sounds like the stage name of a drag queen, it was anything but a drag to eat. Of course it wasn’t real fish, which wasn’t a drag, since I don’t eat fish. (I would make a lewd comment about how drag queens are also a variety of fake “fish”, but I hate women-as-fish references, so I won’t.) So what exactly is this divine crisp creation? It’s lightly breaded textured bean curd wrapped in seaweed, in black bean sauce!

China Fun, Vegetable Chow Fun
22 July 2004
Fun (Chow + China)! Add in the variable of one of my best friends, “M”, who is one of the funnest funsters in the funiverse (he insisted I take a photo of his lunch, so look at it here), plus a brusque waiter who snapped, “No tofu!” in response to my gentle request, and the hilarity explodes exponentially! Fun, fun, fun, even after Daddy took the T-Bird away. (I can’t tell you why he did, just that he did. Grump!)

Why Curry?, Tofu Tod
29 July 2004
Ahhh, tofu tod. Not the prettiest tofu in all the land (yes, tofu can be quite pretty, as you’d know if only you took the time to remove its clunky, thick, black-framed glasses and swiped a sheer layer of berry-colored/flavored lipgloss on its curdy lips!), but certainly some of the tastiest.

Why Curry?, Pad See Ew (with tofu)
29 July 2004
If tofu tod is the thinking man’s tofu, then the tofu in this pulchritudinous pile of pad see ew (anything but “ew”!) is the pretty girl-next-door of tofu. Easy on the eye at first glance, and easy on the lips too.

Gobo, Rice Lasagna with Swiss Chard and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (served with coconut rice)
31 July 2004
This dish must be NEW to the Gobo menu, because I certainly would not have overlooked it on all my previous visits. This was so scrumptious that not only was I left speechless but also lost partial vision in my left eye (temporarily). The waitstaff assured me that this reaction was preferable to my usual one of incontinence and barking like a dog. Woof!

Next up: Brooklyn! (I know I said that the last time I posted food photos, but I mean it this time. If my next set of food photos does not include my Brooklyn bites, feel free to send me close-up photos of raw sausage extrusion.)