This afternoon (technically yesterday), I had the great pleasure of meeting Joy Pierson of Candle Cafe. I’d taken my usual set of photographs of my food and was settling in to actually eat it, when she bounded over to my table, laughing. I’d always feared that one day someone from the restaurant would tell me to stop it already with the pictures, so I was relieved (and oh so happy!) that Joy was thrilled with what I was doing. She asked for this website’s name. I suppose that means she will be stopping by for a little snack.
Tonight I created a gallery devoted solely to fun food fotos. It is listed in the sidebar under Jodeats, and contains almost all of the dishes I’ve shown here since I started photographing them in June 2003. I will still be posting photos of my food here on the regular site, with my usual commentary, but now you have the opportunity to indulge in all you can eat in one convenient location, at your leisure.