Search String Cheese (Vol. 2)

In April, when I introduced Search String Cheese, I said it would be an ongoing feature on this site. However, I also said I could change my mind. You may have thought I did, since I didn’t continue the feature. However, I did not stipulate what I meant by “ongoing”, so really, I did not mislead.
So now, six months later, to demonstrate that this feature is indeed “ongoing”, I proudly present the following search string for which my site was listed as Number 1:


Please feel free to offer your suggestions in the form of a comment or comments. In doing so, I gently ask that you refrain from stealing one of the many remarkably witty and scathing comebacks found on this site, listed as Number 2 in the search.
Enjoy! You have until Saturday morning to participate! (Anyone who doesn’t is a fatso!)