Remember way back when?
I gave you donuts.
I gave you bagels.
I gave you strawberries.
I gave and gave, and what did you do? You left me crumbs.
So I stopped the Friday feedings, not only because you never learned to clean up after yourselves, but because by gorging yourselves on all the junk (you insisted on sabotaging the healthy benefits of the strawberries by dipping them in chocolate, rolling them in nuts, wrapping them with bacon, and then chasing it all down with aerosol whipped cream squirted directly into your mouths … nice), you wound up with too much in the trunk. You got a little too loose in the caboose. Got too much gush in the tush. Lump in the rump.
Now, though? Wow. You look great. You deserve a reward. So here: strut to this. Everything you do today, do to the beat of this tasty little 3MB, zero-calorie treat.
I will leave this song out in the mini-kitchen through the end of the day. There’s plenty for everyone. (Still, don’t make a mess of the music.)