Mewacle on 23rd Street

Oh, hello! Nice of you to stop by. If I’d known you were coming, I would’ve … well … made sure I wasn’t home! Or at least tiptoed away from the door all silent and holy-like and hidden in the cedar closet until I was sure you were convinced I was out of town until ’05. But you’re here, and caught me off guard, so I’m afraid I have no holiday cheer to spread. I do, however, have some luscious spicy hummous/hummos/hummus (its spelling is just as varied as that of Chanukkah/Hanukkah/Chinook!), which is indeed a spread, but, uhm, it’smineandyoucan’thaveany.
I will let you see a nice photo of a cat that I took just for you this morning. A cat lookin’ and sittin’ all pretty (and pretty mad, too!) in the window of an unopened (as in CLOSED and the cat was ABANDONED overnight, which is NOT NICE) store on West 23rd Street. Look:

If I were the sort to make silly puns, I’d caption this with something like MEOWY CHRISTMAS or MERRY CATSMAS. And if only I’d seen this cat a few weeks earlier, I could have said something knee-slappy like HAPPY HANNUKAT. But it’s too late for all of that now, isn’t it.
But it’s not too late to say this: This cat looks like he’s wearing a mewpee*! MOL!
*Update, 27 December 2004, 10:01 p.m.:  Rhymes with “toupee”, not “kewpie”. Special thanks to the ever vigilant Kyria for confessing her confusion. I anticipated confusion, but didn’t want to take proactive measures to stave it off. Kyria changed my mind, though, and for that (and her spectacular rack), I love her.