She Gangs

Ever since I moved to the Upper West Side three weeks ago, I’ve found that I can’t walk along the sidewalk without hunching over, high-stepping, holding my arms close to my sides, and snapping my fingers in time with the beat of my feet. Not only that, but whenever I meet an obstacle, such as a lamp post, bicycle rack, or shambling streetperson, I am compelled to perform a graceful bit of smooth, choreographed, gymnastic dance steps in order to get around it. Getting around Officer Krupke is another matter altogether, but hey, I suppose I’m just going to have to get used to that if I’m going to become a street tough. And I am.
The question is, though, which street gang do I join? I look more like a Shark (led by the smoldering Bernardo) than a Jet, but I don’t know if that really matters. After all, Tony, the erstwhile leader of the Jets, could have “passed” for a Shark, too, but we all saw where that landed him, didn’t we.
Would you please take a moment to help me decide? (If you have no idea who the Sharks and Jets are, please go back to the East Side. We don’t need you here.)
Scroll down for the poll. For some reason it’s acting all TOUGH and refuses to hang out on the same turf as the text of this entry. Cocky cocky cocky.

Which gang should I join?

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