Chickening Out

Like many characters blubber on poorly written TV shows or movies (Lifetime or otherwise), I hate goodbyes. (I love hellos, though. Especially when they are lemon-scented and come with a 15% off coupon.) Along the same lines, I hate last days. Whenever I pass by a store and see a FINAL DAYS – GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE sign, I feel an odd sense of sentimentality and sadness, even if I’ve never been in the store. (I’m not sure if I’d feel sentimental and sad if the store in question were one that sold clothing made out of meat, but given the incredible popularity of pork parkas, I don’t think that limit will be tested.)
So it was with a fair amount of sadness that I read, last Sunday, about today’s closing of Williams Bar-B-Q*:

Williams Bar-B-Q
2350 Broadway (just below 86th and Broadway,
near the uptown subway station)

I’ve never eaten at Williams Bar-B-Q, but I pass by it almost every day now that I live on the Upper West Side. In fact, even before reading about its closing last Sunday, I was always drawn to its sign and told myself I’d investigate the place sometime. Now, of course, it’s too late for investigation, but not too late for me to feel little pangs of sadness over its closing.
I shudder to think what will replace Williams Bar-B-Q and what fate will meet its fantastic sign. I hope it’s something better than what befell the automat Horn & Hardart, the evidence of which I documented almost two years ago. I hope that years from now, when someone’s grandmother tells her stories about Williams Bar-B-Q and how the chicken was so tender and the kasha so fluffy, she won’t rush to 2350 Broadway to see what’s replaced it and find the red and white stripes of yet another KFC.
So long, Williams Bar-B-Q, and good cluck** in your new incarnation.
* If that link doesn’t work for whatever reason, read the article here.
** Oh, stop groaning. You knew I’d do it. And you know you love it.