Mock Me

I don’t know if it is raining where you are, but here in magical Manhattan, it certainly is. (Tip:  Avoid the southwest corner of 58th and Sixth, unless you are from the Midwest and miss swimming in one of the Great Lakes.) It is also Monday morning here in Manhattan, and it may be where you are. So, if we follow the reasoning of The Carpenters (and who among us doesn’t, really), we know that since rainy days and Mondays always get “me” (well, not me, but maybe you) down, it only follows that a rainy Monday super-always gets “me” (you) down.
So with that in mind, I give you a groovy song sung by the fantastic Kathleen Mock, whom I met on a a subway platform in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago and whose self-titled CD I bought on Thursday when I had the great fortune of seeing/hearing her again. Her voice is amazing enough to miss your train for, so if you happen to find yourself sharing a subway platform with her, you may very well find yourself happier to be there than where you’re actually heading.
And now, without further ado, is the song: Only Two. (It will be available here through Wednesday. Please save it to your own computer.) It got me through five “sets” of bicep curls this morning and the first 15 minutes of “cardio” (yes, I am compelled to encase all workout lingo in quotation marks), so it should help you through at least part of your morning.
Tip:  If you buy her CD (I bought her first one, which is the only one of the two she had with her), be sure to squirt water on her bejeaned knee from your “sport cap” bottle as you fumble for $10 in your wallet.