Constantine Craving

All right, so listen up, people. (Kyria, don’t read on if you want to maintain the illusion that I am worthy of your friendship. Please. I beg of you.)
I have been keeping something from most of you, and I haven’t been too keen on coming out about it for fear that you would ridicule me and taunt me and not want me to sit at your cool kidz lunch table anymore — and that, my friends, would be more than I could bear. But if I can’t to mine own self be true, then I won’t be able to look myself or William Shakespeare (speaking of cool kidz) in the eye. And as much as I could quite possibly live with my own ridicule, I could not go on living knowing that William Shakespeare was disappointed in me.
So here’s the deal: Not only have I been watching American Idol this season despite telling myself, at the end of last season, that there was no way I was going to ruin my Tuesday and Wednesday nights with it anymore … and not only have I been watching it with a devotion and ferocity unparalleled to another other season thus far, but … well … I have developed a deep love for two of its contestants: Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis. (Note to those who do not watch and who now hate me for watching: Constantine is not a contestant anymore. He left last week, in what is regarded as the most shocking and WRONG elimination EVERRR.)
So when I learned that Constantine was going to be a guest on today’s Live With Regis and Kelly, I knew I had to be there. And rather than retype the circumstances of today’s adventure, let me just cut and paste from a comment I left over at, with notes just for YOU (because I respect YOU) in brackets:

I haven’t seen either of today’s shows [Constantine was on both Ellen and Live With Regis and Kelly] yet, but, true to my word, I *did* go to ABC this morning to get in the Regis/Kelly standby line. I got there just before 7:00, but already there was a long line of both ticketholders and standbys. Eventually they separated the line into two, and a little later handed out standby numbers up to #55. I juuust missed getting a standby number by FIVE, but as it turned out, many of the people who got a standby number didn’t even get to go in anyway.
Lawrence Zarian (sp.?), the Regis/Kelly “Fashion Guy”, tried to get me in. He’d thought I was a stylist for Banana Republic, whom he was supposed to meet for a makeover segment on today’s show. (Aside: He told me I was “delicious”, and we wound up talking quite a bit later. Cool guy. And also very good-looking!) Unfortunately (again!), the show was PACKED today, so even *he* couldn’t get me in.
When I first got in line, I asked this little pack of women in front of me if they were there to see Constantine too, and they said — GET THIS, PEOPLE! — “Who’s that??” I tried not to punch them in the face. I told them anyway. Bah to them!
Later, when I was talking to Lawrence Zarian, I told him about that, and suggested that everyone in the standby line should have to pass a little TEST: if they don’t know who the guests are on that day’s show, they have to forfeit their place in line. He LOVED that idea. He and I talked about Constantine for a bit (and also about Bo).
I waited on the corner until the show was over, and then, at around 10:05 or so, I saw the crowd of people at the garage entrance of ABC start to murmur and move, and it was then that CONSTANTINE CAME OUT. I dashed over with my camera, positioned myself among all the others (including many “real” photographers, who actually moved aside to let me in), and started snapping away. I think I got quite a few great shots (they’re still on my camera and I have to download them now), and will post them on my website sometime this afternoon! I may have even gotten a shot of his BUTT. Ahem. [For some reason this shot did not appear on my camera. Perhaps my camera was shy? Also note: I did not want to use the word ASS on the other person’s website; hence, the use of the word BUTT, which I do not use in real life.]
He seemed SO nice. Very humble, very low-key, very accommodating. Some people were asking for autographs and for photos with him, and he obliged EVERYONE. He thanked everyone and seemed VERY genuine. I was impressed (to say the least).
He then got into a black car with several people, and I walked down the block, back to the corner where I’d stood for the majority of the morning. Then … HIS CAR STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. The back window was down on the driver’s side, but he was on the other side so I couldn’t see him without squatting down and looking like an idiot. So I just contented myself with a slight view of his arm and the knowledge that he could probably see ME standing there, pretending to be all cool and not at all the crazed fan I felt like.
And now I’m going to watch him on Regis/Kelly and Ellen, both of which I recorded.
I’m actually very happy I didn’t get in to the show, because I wouldn’t have been able to take pictures the way I did after the show. The audience let out much later (they were pre-taping Wednesday’s J. Lo segment), so I wouldn’t have been out on the street to get the street shots I got.
Oh, happy day! Happy happy day!
[My god, I’m revolting.]

You may begin loathing me now.
Or you may continue reading, and check out a few of the photos I took:

No, the girl is not I. Don’t get excited thinking I’m taking advantage
of my own giddiness to finally show a photo of myself! As if!

You may also enjoy two video clips, one of which is more audio than video in that you cannot see Constantine too well but you can hear him say something about a song he was going to sing (MAYBE THIS IS A SCOOP! You may call me “Scoop Brady”, please, thank you.) and one of which you will have to tilt your head to the left to view properly, at least for the first part (my heartfelt apologies to those of you wearing neck braces).
Audio-ish clip here.
Other clip here.
Enjoy! Or, if not, feel free to ridicule! Idol mind at all!
P.S. William Shakespeare is proud of me for my honesty. Just keep that in mind.